Company Profile

Welcome to PT. Toba Surimi Industries

PT. Toba Surimi Industries has been established since 1997.
The company had about twenty years experience in processing seafood. We are a strong believer that the business has to be conducted in a sustainable and sensible way. Sustainable means that all the parties involved have to be profitable. Sensible means when some undesired things happen, we have to resolve them in a sensible and amicable ways with the other parties. Our business philosophy is based on the partnership. We value greatly our business partnership both suppliers and buyers. We believe in business partnership as the key to our continued growth in the future.

Company Name

PT. Toba Surimi Industries

Year of Establishment


Head Office

Jalan Pulau Pinang 2, Kawasan Industri Medan II Saentis - Deli Serdang, Medan 20371 Sumatera Utara, Indonesia

Contact Persons

Mr. Gindra Tardy (Marketing Director)
Ms. Misnani Wijaya (Marketing Manager)
Email : /
Tel. +62-61-6871022
Fax. +62-61-6871007


Management & Staff : 75 persons
Skilled Workers : 100 persons
Semi & Unskilled Workers : 800 persons


Main office & factory
Factory Complex : 12,056 Meter2
Office area : 552 Meter2
Factory Building & Warehouse : 2,024 Meter

Annual Turnover

About US$ 38 Million

Line of Business

1. Pasteurized Products : Jumbo Lump, Super Lump, Lump, Special, Claw, Cocktail Claw.
2. Canned Products : Fish, Cephalopods, Shell Fish, Value Added.
3. Frozen Products : Fish, Cephalopods, Shell Fish, Value Added.

Main Market

United States, European Community, Japan, Hong Kong, Canada, United kingdom and Australia.

Processing Certificates

BRC Certified
HACCP Certified
EU # 343.02.B/C
CANADA # CND. B/C-003-02
RUSSIA # RR. B/C-030-02
VIETNAM # SR. B/C-007-02
KOREA # 2-68
CHINA # 009-02


Bonded Warehouse Status
CTPAT Approved